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There is a 3-yard minimum order for deliveries. Pickups may place orders of any size.

red oak economical

Premium Red Oak

Our most popular product. Double shredded bark that's perfect for a natural weed barrier and erosion control.

northern white cedar

Northern White Cedar

More expensive than oak but lasts longer and helps repel insects. Includes bark shavings and wood pieces that are aromatic.

brown dyed colored

Brown Dyed

Longer-lasting color than natural mulches. Made from hardwood recycled materials and dyed with a safe iron oxide based pigment.

red dyed, lasting

Red Dyed

Also, a longer-lasting mulch which means less molding and risk of damaging plants. Colored mulch holds color up to a year or more longer than natural mulches.

gold dyed, protect

Economy Mulch

More coarse than premium oak. Locally recycled tree bark and trimmings. Ideal for muddy areas or lower cost projects.

Western Red Cedar

Gold Dyed

A rich color that lasts the entire life of the mulch, and will withstand weather and pests.

wood chips, walkway

Western Red Cedar

Similar to white cedar but with a deep red tinge color. Somewhat aromatic and decomposes slowly.

Western Red Cedar

Wood Chips

Woods chips that are excellent for playgrounds, walking paths, and dog kennels.

wood chips, walkway

Red Pine

A slow-decomposing mulch, great for acid-loving plants and bushes like roses, blueberries and azaleas.

Western Red Cedar

Play Cushion

Great for commercial or residential playgrounds. State certified for wheelchair accessibility (ASTM F 1951-99) and shock absorption test (ASTM F 1292-99 and F 355-95). Approved for daycare or homes in Wisconsin for playground use.

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